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08/23/04 08:37 AM
HELP! Pictures did not upload. Now what?  

I placed some auction listings last night. When I went to list them I got an error message that said "04/21/2004 is not a valid date". Have no idea where that came from... all I can add is that the auctions posted were copies of original auctions. Funny thing is that some posted alright. Some did not. Could have been dud batch and a succesful batch; I cannot recall.

The problem now, in any event, is that I need an easy way to upload the pictures that are in these auctions again. I seem to recall that in Shooting Star, which I used up until a year or so ago, one was able to repost pictures to the server by the click of a button. What does one do in AW2K?

If I simply change the status of one of the auctions to "Queued for Listing" - I get that same error message telling me that April 14 is not a valid date. I cannot find April 14 on any of the listings - it must be an embedded date that I cannot see.

HEEEEEEELLLLLLP! I have 20 auctions running without pictures.



08/23/04 07:42 PM
Re: HELP! Pictures did not upload. Now what? new [re: mdlampert]  

It's fairly easy.
You will need to take those auctions back to "Queded" status. Than tell AW to list queded auctions. Let it run all the way through to where you would load the auctions to eBay, but stop at this point.
Hit cancel.
This has uploaded your pictures for your auctions that are on line.
However, this afternoon eBay made some changes that effect AW 2.1 and 2.2, and we are all waiting for a patch.
So don't do anything until the patch comes down.

(stranger )
09/27/04 10:56 AM
Re: HELP! Pictures did not upload. Now what? new [re: rodgw]  

This technique also works for updating photos en mass. However there are a couple of caveats for how I did this, I'll explain:

Trying out the networking I was attempting to run a batch upload on one system while I was adding additional items to another computer with AW2K Beta Networking enabled. I did not check closely enough for the settings on my 2nd machine and hadn't set the "No Modification" to photos so they were all miniaturized >sigh<.

In order to use this method I downloaded (backup!) and deleted ALL existing photos and the datestamp file, set ALL current items to "queued", uploaded the images, then reset to "online".

Of course now I'm just waiting to see if it worked properly (I expect it to) as I have to wait for my proxy server to time out and allow me to redownload the posted pages with updated photos.

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