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(stranger )
07/30/12 11:57 AM
FTP ACCOUNT [re: ]  

I am in need of a cheap FTP Account to use ONLY with AW2000. I do not understand it so set up has to be simple. I used siteground this past year and the first year it was $36.90. It is time for me to renew and it is $122. Is there another FTP account available? EASY one?

(Carpal Tunnel)
07/31/12 09:42 AM
Re: FTP ACCOUNT new [re: thegreenecloset]  


I still use The basic is $10.00 a month but usually if the year is paid at once there is like a 20% discount or something like that.

The AW2000 help also has a list of FTP hosting sites to consider

I also googled cheap FTP hosting and found this

Of course check out the recommended sites ..

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08/15/12 00:23 AM
Re: FTP ACCOUNT new [re: thegreenecloset]  

I use nearlyfreespeech dot net to host my pictures. I was able to set up ftp there so almost anybody should be able to. They have a unique "pay as you go" plan and for me it works out to be the next thing to free. For me anyway I'm probably paying less than $3.00 a year for picture hosting.
I always have at least 300 listings going and my picture hosting has cost me less than 10 dollars total for the last few years. They are a unique host, but they have a lot of loyal users that don't mind the barebones aspect of their business model. You only pay for what you use...It's not a monthly or yearly subscription.

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