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(stranger )
03/02/10 05:13 PM
Generating a thumbnail website?  

Hi, I am finally back in the saddle and awk2k is running great, after a break for some time it took alittle getting re-aquainted but now things are good. This is the first time I've also included a thumbnail page on my webspace for my auctions.

Anyhow, here is my question, I have a grouping of antique firearms that I'm preparing for listing on, a site I have also used for years, in preparation for the sales I go on various (and there are many!) antique firearms forums and sites and make announcement of the upcoming auctions. Is there any way to generate a thumbnail page and upload it to my website via auction wizard even tho they are not going to eBay or Overstock? I rather like the thumbnail page auction wizard generates and it would be so sweet to just include a link to when I'm out trolling!
And Is it possible to create the listings within auction wizard, then just get the html code to post to gunbrokers sell item form? My reasoning is then I could que those listings (which would generate a thumbnail page if selected correct?), just never actually 'submit' the listings via auction wizard> I realize I will have to create manual invoices, ect. but that would be preferable to not using awk2k at all for them.
Any ideas?

Al Parker

(Carpal Tunnel)
03/02/10 08:06 PM
Re: Generating a thumbnail website? new [re: diggerdirect]  


Yep sure can.

Duplicate one of the website thumbnail templates you want to use (always duplicate so you have the original )

Edit the colors etc.
Convert the template to html
Edit the link portion and change it to your store front at the other site.

Does that help?

Judy Oglesby

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