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(stranger )
10/28/05 09:40 PM
shipping calculator code  

I 'm writing some html code to build a shipping calculator for my templates that will send information from my auction pages (item weight, handling fee, package size, etc.) to eBays calculator that will display shipping costs to potential buyers. To do this I will need to use a script that part of the code that can be found on eBay auction pages. I have found that I am able to build the calculator.
My question is, will I be violatiing any eBay rules or otherwise doing something else wrong if I use the calculator in my auctions? I certainly don't want to get in trouble for using some of eBay's code to build the calculator but I really need a calculator for my buyers to use. What are your feeling on this?

(stranger )
11/01/05 01:42 PM
Re: shipping calculator code new [re: TDman]  

Am I the only person interested in using a shipping calculator in their AW2000 auctions? I thought at least someone would make a comment on it. Is anyone out there?

(Auction Wizard Team)
11/02/05 11:40 AM
Re: shipping calculator code new [re: TDman]  

If you are concerned with the legality of using eBay's shipping calculator code in your listings, then you should contact eBay to find out if they will allow that. There are other shipping calculators available, such as ShipScript. We are currently adding support for calculated shipping costs on eBay to Auction Wizard 2000, but we do not yet know when it will be completed.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
11/06/05 08:11 PM
Re: shipping calculator code new [re: TDman]  

something else is I believe that eBay has a rule about adding forms code to a listing...and the utility recommended seems to generate HTML form might want to verify this.

If it is still against the rules then simply have your calculator open a new window will get you around the restriction.

And even if you see other sellers using forms in their listings...don't...if someone, who feels they are hall monitor for the day, sees it and reports it you could have a potential headache on your hands...

As all of the major carriers have an API &/or web services which can be called; you can always develop your own shipping tool/calculator...they are pretty straight forward making the call to and getting data back.

Anyway good luck and DO NOT use any of eBay's code...learn from it but don't scarf it as yours...

12/13/05 09:04 PM
Re: shipping calculator code new [re: TDman]  

If your calculator contains ANY kind of java script it will NOT go through the listing process.

What I have been doing is creating shipping calculators for each weight bracket and then loading them on to my Pair webspace. I include a button which links to the appropriate calculator. Above the calculator is a "Back" button so the buyer can go right back to the listing after calculating the shipping. Works just great.

I have had not been listing for some time and have just started again.
Every item I listed where I put the shipping calculators and entered nothing into the shipping cost box on the screen ended up as FREE shipping and I had to revise each item.


Besides this problem, items without calculators show up in a search on eBay with shipping costs "Not Specified" - likely a sales killer.
There are items that you just CAN NOT specify flat rate shipping'd lose your shirt or turn people off depending upon your / their location.

We REALLY need eBay shipping calculator function in our listings NOW.

(Auction Wizard Team)
12/14/05 08:22 AM
Re: shipping calculator code new [re: Anonymous]  

We are currently adding support for calculated shipping costs on eBay. We expect it to be ready for beta testing in January of 2006.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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