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04/14/06 02:00 PM
dumb question  

Promise you won't laugh.......

After I upload an auction Lot to eBay, if I then change the set-up of the listing template I used for that auction, does it have any impact on how the auction displays? In other words, let's say I use a listing template where the images are aligned on the left side of the description. I submit that Lot. Then I edit that template so the images are at the top of the description box. I use the edited template to list another Lot. Will this change the way the first auction appears?

I've been operating under the assumption that once an auction is submitted, everything about it, including the template details, are now stored on the big hard drive in the sky (eBay's database), and are therefore immutable. And that if I later change something about a template, the changes have no effect on earlier auctions based on that template in its former design.

Am I misinformed (nice way of saying dumb)?

Thanks, tictictic

(stranger )
04/15/06 04:31 AM
Re: dumb question new [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  

You are correct in your analysis. Once the page is loaded to eBay it stays as posted. If you want to change the page you will have to edit in eBay.

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04/15/06 02:21 PM
Re: dumb question new [re: Bob_Blaney]  

Well, actually, it's not that I want to change the template that's on eBay; it's that I've always been a tad worried about changing a template for a new auction for fear it would impact the auctions already listed. Silly me, huh?

Well, thanks for confirming what I guess should have been obvious to me.


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