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(stranger )
09/04/06 11:13 AM
Using My HTML Template With AW Beta  


I''m trying AW because Sold! the auction management program that I used for years went out of biz on 8/31.
I have over 300 HTML auction templates which I'd love to use with AW Beta but can't get them to display properly.
Here's an example of one:

<P>Bid with confidence! I've received over 1,000 positive
feedbacks -- not one from a buyer. The only negative feedback
posted in my Profile is retaliatory and came from three
unethical sellers who misrepresented their item and refused a
full refund.
<P>Please keep in mind that antique Staffordshire ceramic
pieces often have minor irregularities such as crazing, glaze
bubble pops, glazed over chips, paint or glaze skips,
particles under the glaze, firing separations, etc., because
of early, primitive potting methods.<BR>Manufacturers packed
the different types of pottery into saggars using racks and
various supports. Consequently, stilt or pin marks appear on
most pieces.<BR>Irregularities and stilt or pin marks are not
considered as damage.<BR>The degree of crazing and the number
and location of the stilt or pin marks are included in the
description. If any other irregularity is atypical, it will be
mentioned in the description.
<LI><FONT color=blue>Item:</B></FONT> Bone dish<B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Pattern name:</B></FONT> Argyle -- This
pattern consists of curving plumes interspersed with small
floral sprays, Gold has been applied to the design. <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Manufacturer:</B></FONT> W. H. Grindley,
England <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Date:</B></FONT> C. 1896 <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Manufacturer's mark:</B></FONT> Yes, and
what looks like the number "12" is stenciled in green on the
back.  Please see photo of the back.<B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Reference:</B></FONT> Williams 1; Gaston
1 and 3; Snyder 1, 2, 3 and 5; VanBuskirk <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Measurements:</B></FONT> 5 7/8" X 3 1/2"
<LI><B><FONT color=blue>Chips:</B></FONT> No <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Cracks:</B></FONT> No <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Hairlines:</B></FONT> No
<LI><B><FONT color=blue>Utensil marks:</B></FONT> About 7,
fine, small, barely penetrating the glaze, visible only in
certain light <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Staining:</B></FONT> No <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Restorations:</B></FONT> No <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Gold wear:</B></FONT> At least 99%
of the gold is intact. <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Glaze wear:</B></FONT> No <B>
<LI><FONT color=blue>Crazing (a result of the manufacturing
process):</B></FONT> Clean, fine, small, overall
<LI><B><FONT color=blue>Stilt or pin marks (a result of the
manufacturing process):</FONT></B> One hook mark on back, two
pin marks on rim
<LI><B><FONT color=blue>Other:</B></FONT> The little, gold
circle seen near the middle of the back was brushed
on by the artist during manufacture.  See photo
<LI><FONT color=blue>All of the white spots in the photos were
caused by glare unless noted differently.</B></FONT>
<P><FONT color=#ff0000><STRONG>I'll send you an email within
72 hours of this auction's closing.</STRONG></FONT>
<STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000>Please don't use eBay's Pay Now
checkout system until you hear from me. If you use a SPAM
filter, make sure it doesn't block my
<P>I prefer personal checks or money orders. Merchandise paid
for by personal check will be shipped within ten business days
of being received unless you've purchased from me in the past.
If you have, I'll ship your item within two business days of
receiving your check.
<P>You may also pay by credit card or checking account over a
secure line with PayPal.
<P>Tired of getting ripped off by sellers who charge excessive
handling fees? I know I am. <FONT color=#ff0000><STRONG>Buyer
pays the actual postage and insurance fees, plus $1.00 for
packing materials.</STRONG></FONT> Merchandise is packed in
bubblewrap and Styrofoam peanuts and shipped by USPS Priority
Mail. <B><FONT color=red>All items must be insured.</B></FONT>

<P>Foreign bidders must contact me before bidding.
<P>Payment must be received within ten days of the auction
close or the auction becomes null and void, negative feedback
posted and a Non-Paying Bidder Alert filed.
<P><B><FONT color=red>I reserve the right to cancel any bids
from members whose feedback indicates that they are
<P>As a matter of fairness to all bidders, I don't reveal my
reserve price.
<P>Please e-mail me with your questions.
<P>Feedback will be posted for all buyers who post feedback
for me.</P>
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG
<P align=center><IMG

Can you please tell me what to do?

Thanks for your time,

09/04/06 11:21 AM
Re: Using My HTML Template With AW Beta new [re: Bonnie]  


We are so glad you decided to join us!!

AW2K comes with quite a selection of Listing templates that are fully customizable. Everything you have displayed can be added to a listing template. I would suggest finding something that resembles what you might like, duplicate it and rename. Then start editing it. you can change the color, add page components of type HTML or hyperlinks, etc. And it is easy to do. I will be most happy to help you.


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