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(stranger )
10/25/15 11:50 AM
Converting An Auction To An Inventory Item? [re: ]  

I want to change about 400-500 Ebay auctions I have created to inventory items. I am beginning to list on several other sites, and am also building my own website.

I need both a SEPARATELY searchable dept number, and sku number, to keep track across sites. (A SEPARATE, SORTABLE column for each.) I can do this with an inventory item, that I can change to an auction later. But not the other way around. The dept number sorts like items together, and the sku number is about keeping data separate from similar items, tax data, and also finding where I stored the item. I assign a 4 digit sku to EVERY item, regardless where I may be selling it.

I didnt need to do this in the past, so I didnt create my auctions from inventory. Now I need to convert my already created auctions, to inventory items. And from then on, create the inventory items first, then the Ebay auctions.

(This is all about one-off antiques & collectibles. No items where there are multiples of more than one.)

Any Ideas, Thanks!

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