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(stranger )
08/22/09 07:34 AM

I am in the process of learning to set up AW. I don't know if I should import my listings as inventory items or as auction lots.

Typically we have several thousand items which we place in our EBay store and order when sold. We also have a group of overstock items and commonly sold items which we have physically in our warehoue (read: garage).

In the past, we've used the dreaded Turbolister and another program called the Poster Toaster. In each, we set up a series of folders and subfolders to seperate items by vendor and then by type. This method has worked quite well for us and we'd like to keep it. For example, if we work with a certain vendor one month, advertising their items, I'll hilight those items and list them. Or, I may just list a selected series of their subfolders, each representing a different product line.

Given that info, what is the best way to set up a similar system in AW? Do I create my listings as Inventory Items, or as auction lots?



(Carpal Tunnel)
08/22/09 11:02 AM
Re: wHICH TO USE? new [re: dwdwone]  


In my opinion using INventory items is the best all around solution. We use Inventory items even if there is only one. Certain reports will not work if there is not an Auction lot created from the Inventory Item.

Others only use Auction lots but we found it to be very hard to manage inventory using simply Auction lots. Plus I can have my staff enter in product months in advance of the season and it just sits there waiting the right to to create an Auction lot and list.


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