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03/19/10 02:00 PM
Invoices won't update  

Hello, I recently sold some antique firearms online, used auction wizard to create & track the auctions (manually)
Couple things I needed to change after printing/viewing the invoices.
I changed user1 field to serial number, added it to the report template (in sub-reports) but all that comes up is a zero in the field on the printed invoice. I went back & eneterd the serial numbers into the field on the auction lot (the only place to enter user1 field as I didnt create inventory items) but the invoice is not updating to reflect this. How is this accomplished? Hopefully I dont have to create new invoices & re-invoice all the buyers?

Also on a related note, these items were sold on consignment, after the sale (& after invoices were generated) I decided to lower my commission percentage as they did really well. The consignment report for consignor will not update either to the new percentage.

My guess here is I have to create a new consignor record with the lower rate for the same consignor?

Al Parker

(Carpal Tunnel)
03/19/10 07:25 PM
Re: Invoices won't update new [re: diggerdirect]  


In the Report Customizaton, did you right click on the user field 1 and format the number display?

The consignor report is pulled from the Invoice. If the invoice already has the consignor fee assigned to it, then that is what will show up. YOu can manually change the calculated consignor fee on the Invoice itself by scrolling over to the right, click in the Consignor fee field and change the fee. The report will reflect the change(s)

Does that help?

Judy Oglesby

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