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(stranger )
08/05/11 11:34 AM
efficient shipping  

I sell about 20 items per day and have been wondering for years if there is a more efficient way of processing orders. With ebay shipping and paypal working together, I can't help but feel that I am really wasting a lot of time and it drives me crazy to have to sit down for a half hour first thing in the morning printing paypal invoices and logging payments, instead of just shipping. Ideally, what the software should do is log the payments and then send a sheet to the printer, telling me what to ship. It takes 19 mouse clicks to just get one payment logged and ready to pull for shipping.
Here is what I do.
I generate invoices in AW2K,
I log into paypal
I print out the first payment,
copy the item #,
go to AW2K and search for the invoice and log the payment,
and do that until I reach the point in Paypal where I left off the day before.
Now I have a stack of sheets of paypal receipts. I then go and pull all those items into my packaging room. After packaging, I write the person's name on the package and the weight on the paypal reciept and then print the label from that. Anyone have a simpler way?

(Carpal Tunnel)
08/05/11 12:23 PM
Re: efficient shipping new [re: ebayretired]  


Here is what we do.
Update auctions
Generate invoice
Notify winning bidders (we changed the template to a more of a welcome and thanks for the purchase since we already have their name)

Retrieve email in AW2k.

Open email payments, associate to the buyer's invoice, record payment.
When we record the payment we generate an report right then that is our packing slip we have customized. The packing slip has everything on it..

Invoice number
buyer name/address
qty purchase
stock inventory number
Auction item number
Our business name and address.
Shipping method
No dollars so if it is a gift the recipient does not see the amount.

We print thepayment sheet and pack slip at the same time so they are stacked together on the printer

The only thing we hand write on is the payment sheet, We put the invoice number that is on the pack slip. Whoever packs the item signs the pack slip and a hand written Thank you.

We use Endicia to process postage. so it is easy to open up the payment receipt,highlight name/address and hit ctrl+C on the keyboard.

Buyer name/address auto pastes into Endica Dazzle.
enter in weight and class hit print label.
While label is printing out of thermal we plug the tracking into AW2K

Move to next pkg.

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