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07/31/05 10:16 PM

I am new to this and am thinking about buying AW2K. My question: Is it possible to automaticallyprint a shipping label once the customer pays for the auction. I am thinking that I just walk into my office once or twice a day and collect already printed labels.

08/01/05 07:33 AM
Re: Printing new [re: Anonymous]  

I am thinking someone sends a few millions to my bank account and I am lying near a pool with a cold beer watching some beautiful women. Suddenly I wake up and realize it's just a dream :-)

(stranger )
06/05/10 00:39 AM
Re: Printing new [re: wheeloftime]  

I have enjoyed reading and rereading this post over the years. Personally, I am thinking that I live in a castle and my good looking butler raises my two boys. He also cleans the castle and decorates it. Perhaps he is the one doing my shipments. Meanwhile I occasionally fly in to say "hi" to the kids and ride one of my magnificent stallions cared for by a stableboy that happens to be very good looking. I wonder- is HE the one that keeps doing my shipments and depositing millions to MY bank account? I am uncertain but treat him to the pleasure of a few kind words directed his way. Then off I am with my very good looking pilot that whisks me away to another European country for a month of fun on the beach. Maybe once he is out of sight then he is doing my shipments. THAT IS WHAT I AM THINKING!

(Carpal Tunnel)
06/07/10 12:02 PM
Re: Printing new [re: ehlmann]  


When your butler is done cleaning your castle, can you send him over to my humble abode!

Mine is in serious need of attention ...

Judy Oglesby

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