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(stranger )
08/08/03 10:00 PM
QuickBooks revisited  

(Sorry about the dupliaction folks)

Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes..

Is anyone using QuickBooks with AW2K? If so, how do you bring the transactions and data over to QuickBooks? I have not fund any simple means of doing this and even the PayPal QuickBooks interface does not work right (leaves out some data as confirmed by PayPal).

How does everyone keep Uncle Sam happy? Curious minds (and my accountant) want to know! ;)


08/31/03 05:02 AM
Re: QuickBooks revisited new [re: atyp1cal]  

If the AW team doesn't see this as a need, I definitly do. If the business I'm working with takes off, I'll be building an AW to QB "filter program" so that invoices specifically can be imported into QB. The database tables in AW are pretty straight ahead and should be easy to convert.

Anyone else done this yet?

(stranger )
08/31/03 04:37 PM
Re: QuickBooks revisited new [re: Jeffw]  

I have not seen anything on it yet (sigh).. It is a royal pain for me on several counts although the AW2LK reports try to go in the right direction. BUT -- the various PayPal fees cannot easily be imported into AW2K currently, nor can we easily compute invoice specific costs such as postage and supplies. ANd, to make things worse, one of our lines sells at or below cost with the shipping being the actual profit center. According to AW2K I am losing $ on these.. not! :)

Let me know if you do make some progress on this - I'd definitely be interested.


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