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(stranger )
02/28/03 09:01 AM
Re: UPDATE AVAILABLE new [re: Tradeguy]  

Yes I can ask for better support, and I'm really not asking for much. Either make the updates automatic, with some kind of trigger within the software that detects when they're available, or more simply just put a notice prominently at the front end of the website so that NEW user who are unfamiliar with the fact that eBay is always changing things and AW requires frequent updates don't waste two days figuring out the obvious solution.

Doesn't the fact that this thread acquired posts from so many people expressing dismay over the same problem, one that should have been so easy for them to fix, represent a significant failure on the part of the support team, if only a failure in communication?

(stranger )
02/28/03 05:10 PM
Re: UPDATE AVAILABLE new [re: scottlou]  

On 02/20/03, in the Announcements section of this board, there is a notice from the AW2K team that an update was available. It seems to me that that is a logical first place to check when there's a listing problem. You can't really expect the AW2K team to email all the users who are still evaluating the program - for one thing, I don't remember giving them my eamil address until I registered.

Another place that the update was announced, quite prominently and almost immediately, is the ezboard support group -- address listed in the "help" files in Auction Wizard.

03/16/03 07:51 AM
Re: UPDATE AVAILABLE new [re: grandjac]  

WELL! I think that says about everything! YEA TEAM!

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