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(stranger )
03/03/16 09:30 AM
API error code 37 [re: ]  

I just attempted to download 12 items to ebay and was unable to do so. Assuming it was an ebay problem I held on the phone for almost an hour to speak with an ebay representative. I explained my problem and was told that there was no apparent problem for my not being unable to download to the ebay site and suggested I contact AW for further assistance. I am getting the following error: 'API Error Code 37 Input Data for Tag <item.product listing details> is invalid or missing Check API Documentation'.

I cannot find any issue with my input into AuctionWizard and have checked the listings against other items that did list successfully in the past and I see no obvious errors. I have no idea of how to correct this issue. I am running the most recent version of AuctionWizard, V 2.5, Build 321, Update Level 164.

AW has not answered me and I am in desperate need of a solution - can anyone help with this issue?

(stranger )
03/05/16 08:58 AM
Re: API error code 37 new [re: jhbeau]  

No thanks to AW who, after 36 hours hadn't answered my email, I found the problem. Ebay now requires some listing categories to include a UPC code. With older items I don't have a UPC code available so I left it blank. The field in AW is a drop down box yet no default inputs appear. Since I now find that this field is MANDATORY, and appears to be the reason my items were not being listed, this drop down box needs to have some input that ebay will accept. If, in this field you enter 'Does Not Apply' ebay will accept the listing - that's all there was to it. I hope this helps some of you having this problem as it took me many hours of frustration, research and trial and error. Such a simple thing for AW to correct! Why didn't they do it?

(stranger )
03/14/16 10:02 PM
Re: API error code 37 new [re: jhbeau]  

There are different ebay requirements depending on what listing category you use. Its not simple. The UPC mandatory requirement was put in place some time ago. I put N/A in the box, it works just as Does Not Apply.

The codes returned by eBay seem to be nonsense, and are of no help in figuring this out. I import and sell products under my own brand on Amazon and eBay, so I had to purchase UPC codes. Amazon added the requirement first, eBay copied them.

A default entry would be handy, many of us sell vintage items, and some of the categories we use for old items require the UPC, and some do not.

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