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(stranger )
03/17/16 06:03 AM
Do not use Auction Wizzard [re: ]  

I used Auction Wizzard since 2003
I send a several emails since 3/15/2016 nobody replies

I try to list my items on ebay and I got a message
The Auction Lot was not listed. An error was returned by ebay:
APi error Code 21919301: UPS is missing a value . Enter a value and try again.

I even put Does not apply and I got the same message.

(stranger )
05/06/16 05:22 AM
Re: Do not use Auction Wizzard new [re: gshkol1]  

I agree....well, not with the part about not using auction wizard, but with the UPC problem. This needs to get looked at. I have many items (about 1 in 10 average on my end) that cannot list until a program update addresses this.

(stranger )
05/21/16 02:42 PM
Re: Do not use Auction Wizzard new [re: gshkol1]  

I've been using Auction Wizard 2000 from when it was just Auction Wizard. The Issue with UPC (NOT UPS) is that ebay returns messages that may not actually be because of a missing UPC code, but some other problem. When its merely a UPC that's missing, entering N/A will fix it. However, there are other mandatory fields that can return this error, and that's a ebay issue. I usually get a reply to emails within a day, but I have also had to figure out my errors myself occasionally.

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