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(stranger )
06/25/03 06:19 PM
Listing internationally  

I am reviewing your software but have not yet figured out how to set up the following:

I am located in the US but wish to post to Ebay Germany. My inventory is, of course, in the US but I do not wish to list on the US Ebay nor do I wish to entertain bids from the US. My listings are written in German and are exclusively for the Western European market. How do I configure Auction Wizard to post auctions exclusively to the Ebay Germany site?

(Auction Wizard Team)
07/01/03 01:49 PM
Re: Listing internationally new [re: zilbersher]  

Auction Wizard 2000's support for eBay is limited to the main U.S. site ( It can only list and track items listed in U.S. Dollars. Currency amounts are displayed in the program using the Windows currency settings. However, the program treats all currency amounts as though they are U.S. Dollars. We plan to add support for other currencies and International auction sites in a future version of Auction Wizard, but we do not have a timeframe for when that might happen.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

07/06/03 05:17 AM
Re: Listing internationally new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Please, please, please make available in other currencies as sson as possible rather than. I am on hold at the moment as I am in the UK. Your software would sell like hot cakes if it worked for all ebay sites.

07/06/03 05:19 AM
Re: Listing internationally new [re: Trish]  

I believe you mean sooner rather than later. YES PLEASE, this is the most fustrating part of otherwise an excellent program.

(stranger )
11/20/03 07:56 PM
Re: Listing internationally new [re: AuctionWizard]  

dang, if international support is available i'd definitely use this software. As it is, i can't... sigh :(

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