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10/07/03 05:46 PM
New Address Format at Checkout?  

Has anyone else noticed a recent type of Ebay generated customer checkout email that flips the state and city fields?

At first I thought it was a fluke, but now I see I have about a dozen of these over the last week.

They look like this (changed the actual text for privacy):

Please ship to the following address:
Debbie Jones
23 East rd
NJ, Hillsborough 05844
United States

I've noticed it when customers use checkout asking for totals and when they select money orders as a payment option. When you try to use the capture address function, the state and city are messed up and you have to do a manual cut/paste.

This is a tough one since all the paypal payment notices are still the same - and that accounts for probably 90% of my address caps. But this really slows down processing...

Thom - is there anything you can do??


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