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11/10/03 01:27 PM
Item Specifics  

I like AW2000. I use it for a variety of listings, but I mainly list event tickets. Ebay won't allow a listing without item specifics. Thus, I've had to shelf AW2000 and wait for the item specifics support.

Is there any target date when item specifics for event tickets will be included in AW2000?


(Auction Wizard Team)
11/10/03 03:14 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: billb3469]  

We plan to add support for Item Specifics on eBay, but we do not yet have a timeframe for when it might be completed.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
11/18/03 00:07 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: AuctionWizard]  

I hope it's soon.

I have to relist all my books manually because when I relist, it is asking for the item specifics. How about updating the code to just SKIP IT if it is found during the relisting process? At least then the books could be relisted.

Kathy B
02/06/04 04:50 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: siliconzone]  

I certainly hope item specifics will be coming soon as eBay is now doing away with categories in some listing areas - and I have a feeling that they will be doing away with them and using item specifics instead!

Movies and music will have categories gone soon - and I think (but hope not) that categories for books, glassware, etc. will be gone soon.

(stranger )
03/08/04 10:19 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: Kathy B]  

btw, eBay has yet to finalize exactly how item specifics will work in each category...I can see why AW2k folks haven't got a time frame for implementation is very hard to code for a constantly moving target...

(stranger )
03/19/04 08:22 AM
PLEASE FIX > Item Specifics :) new [re: grumpy3b]  

I hope AW2K will get item specifics resolved ASAP because the eBay category I used to list in: Music > Records > 12'' Singles > Dance has gone the way of the DoDo and has been replaced with Music > Dance (nice, huh?)....without the 'item specific' function in AW2K I would have to manually enter this info on the 200+ auctions I list each week (not gonna happen...can you say hours of tedious work?) I do not want to resort to another 3rd party application beacuse I have been EXTREMELY happy with AW2K thus far...

03/24/04 06:27 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: AuctionWizard]  

Your post was last November, '03. Do you have an estimated date to support Item Specifics on eBay? It REALLY is a problem for those of us listing records, books, tickets, etc.

(stranger )
03/25/04 09:26 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: mamcb99]  

I just want to add my two cents. I love AW2K. I've recommended it to several people. But I sell BOOKS and I need Items Speciifcs YESTERDAY. I just spent an hour shopping for other auction management solutions.

Please update us on this topic!

(stranger )
03/28/04 09:14 AM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: dom1n1c]  

With so much of eBay moving to this format, it is a MAJOR need. I have noticed a signficant drop is sales since this was added to more items a couple of weeks ago.

PLEASE, provide us an update. I understand the overhaul in your application that is probably needed to add this function, but atleast communicate with us what is going on.

I don't want to have to switch to a different management tool either, but we have to do what keeps us in business!

03/29/04 08:17 PM
Re: Item Specifics new [re: communilink]  

I agree that this is a problem. I'm going to have to leave AW2000 too. Anyone have a suggestion?

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