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(stranger )
10/02/04 08:46 PM
eBay Login Failed  

Hi All,
I've been trying to list since Thursday and as soon as I click on "List All Auctions" I get the error message "eBay Login Failed". I've updated, backed up and rebuilt with no luck. I've tried writing Thom but haven't heard back from him and am panicing big time. Anyone had this problem before or have any ideas? Thanks.

10/03/04 07:42 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: hiflyerws]  

This is from the other AW2K forums (I'm not Shiela...heh):

tried to update auctions and list auctions to eBay last night and couldn't due to a log-in error. I had updated the program 9/28, but I checked for new updates and there were none. I went to the AW2K forum this morning and found a thread related to the problems. There seems to be two different problems. I've copied the answers below.

First Problem: Error: or Code 10035

"I emailed Thom regarding this issue. He told me to do the following, and it worked for me. I don't know if it will work for anyone else, but it's worth a try:

1. Go to File, Advanced Internet Settings
2. Check the box marked "Use WinInet API"
3. Close AW2K and restart."

Second Problem: Can't log-in
"Have a look at this setting if you use Internet Explorer:
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

In the "Security" section, make sure that "Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode" is unchecked."

I had already changed the Advanced setting in AW2K, so I changed the setting in IE. Once I made the change I restarted my computer. Changing the IE setting worked and I was able to both update auction lots and list. Personally, I liked having IE tell me when I went to and left a secure site, but I like using AW2K more!


(stranger )
10/03/04 09:16 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: Tradeguy]  

Thanks tradeguy, appreciate your help, but unfortunately it didn't work. I'm in even more of a jam now, I can't update my auctions, generate invoices, or even get mail, the whole program seems to have gone on vacation. I've emailed Thom twice now and haven't heard back. Does anyone know what's going on with tech support, are they on vacation? I'm really starting to get nutsy about this. I make, or try to make, my living on eBay and I'm dead until I can get this program going again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

10/03/04 10:17 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: hiflyerws]  

hiflyers, I put a response on the 'other' site. But here is what I suggested. Beacuse the invoicing and emails have nothing to do with eBAy. Double check your settings for AW under "file". Also do a backup of AW and a database rebuild.
I ain't guaranteeing nothing, but it's what I have to offer.
You might also try logging into eBay, in eBay directly and than try an update or listing. That's what we use to have to do when doing a manual listing within AW. The login problem is part of eBays "new and improved" sign in procedure, I think. And do you think eBay cares if this is knocking third party programs down, I don't think so. And yet if we can't list, they're not getting our money. And you know that is what matters the most to them.

(stranger )
10/03/04 12:46 PM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: rodgw]  

Thanks so much for your help, but I'm afraid you've lost me. I can log in to eBay just fine, use "My eBay" page to answer emails, relist, etc. What I'm not sure about in your answer is how I would go about updating an auction in AW through eBay, can you elaborate? I've backed up and rebuilt my database three times now since Thursday so that's not going to do the trick. I've also double checked all settings and I still can't authenticate or check POP3. I agree that eBay makes it difficult for 3rd party software, they want to sell you theirs at an inflated price. They've always been greedy and that won't change. What I'm having trouble accepting is that I can't get any tech support from AW. I'm starting to believe at least this time it's not entirely eBay's fault because my email is affected as well. I think my program is corrupted or ?? But the question is do I have to restore or is there a less damaging solution? Thanks again for your input.

10/04/04 06:43 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: hiflyerws]  

What I mean is,
Log into eBay via thier sign in, check the "keep me signed in box" on eBay's sign in screen.
Than go back to AW and try updating or listing an auction.

When you say you can't check PoP3, do you mean in AW or eBay?
If it is in AW, you need to contact your internet provider and double check the settings your using in the email side of AW.
If it is in eBay I can't help you there, I use AW for all my auction work.

Doing a program resore is fairly easy and risk free. If you want to try that I can post the instructions Thom sent me.
BUT, if it's a corrupted database, you will need to contact Thom and he'll give you instructions on how to make a copy of your database to send him so that he can fix it.


10/04/04 06:50 PM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: rodgw]  

I am having the SAME EXACT problem. I am ready to pull my hair out. I had a email with a link to like upload and such but no such luck nothing changed. At first i just had the Error code and then it went to the login fail problem. I really need money for bills BADLY and with these problems going on for days i am totally lost!!!! can anyone help me???? thanks

(stranger )
10/04/04 07:14 PM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: Girliemouth]  

Here is a possible solution. If you have recently installed XP Service Pack 2 - and it has turned on the FireWall that now comes with XP - that may very well be the problem. Try turning off the XP Firewall and see if that helps. I run a firewall other than XP's. However when service pack 2 installed it turned on the firewall and I had all sorts of problems getting "out" on my computer - couldn't even FTP to my website. Once I figured out that maybe the Microsoft Firewall might be causing a problem I turned it off and everything worked. It's just a suggestion however it may help at least it couldn't hurt to try. I'm NOT suggesting anyone run without a firewall but the XP built in firewall really creates some problems.

10/04/04 07:55 PM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: Tradeguy]  

Thanks Tradeguy - I was having all the same problems and these two suggestions worked. Not sure if both were necessary but I made the change in IE first and that didn't do it but then I checked the WinInet box (whatever that is) and I was able to list again.

(stranger )
10/04/04 11:14 PM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: AquilaStamps]  

Hi Ya'll,
I'm still stuck too. Since the 28th of last month and I've got piles of listing, relisting, etc to do. I've written to Thom 5 days ago but just as everybody else has said... I havn't heard back either. I've tried all the things that everyone has so kindly offered as a shot in the dark that may or maynot work. Unfortunately, I'm still on the did not work side of the equation. I'm open for more shot's in the dark if anybody can help. I starting to think maybe it's my database that is corrupt. How do I get help from Thom if he isn't answering emails right now? Someone mentioned copying and sending him my database, any instructions? Or should i just email the backup file as an attachment? Thanks in advance for any help, i'm hurting here. Fidel

(Auction Wizard Team)
10/05/04 08:20 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed new [re: fidel_boarsnot]  

We have had intermittent problems with our email for the past few days and are working with our provider to resolve the problem. If you sent email to Auction Wizard 2000 technical support ( and have not yet received a reply, please send your email again. We will respond as quickly as possible.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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