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04/11/06 01:38 PM
listing auctions new  

Hi there,
Lately it is taking forever to list my auctions. I can start them listing, go wash clothes, wash dishes, wash the truck, come back in and it is only on the 8th or 9th one. My pc is revving up extremely high when they are listing also, sounding like an airplane about to take off. Any ideas??

04/12/06 10:26 PM
Re: listing auctions [re: Katz]  

Could be about a million things. Top on my list of suggestions would be to make sure your virus definitions are up to date and then run a complete virus scan.


(stranger )
04/13/06 04:24 AM
Re: listing auctions new [re: Katz]  

The suggestion to do a virus scan is a good one. Also as an additional step you might want to try to defragment your disk drive. I know this is a real pain - and as soon as it is over the disk starts to fragment right away. However, if you have been doing a lot of auctions and posting and deleting etc you can have your auction info written everywhere. Give it a try it could help speed up the access of the information so it can be posted quicker and your disk won't be spinning so much looking for the data. Oh and one more thing, and this I hesitate to mention - it could also mean your drive is sick and on its way out. Sometimes a noisey drive can mean problems are on the way. You may want to check with someone in your area after defraging the disk to see if maybe you are about ready to have to replace the drive. Just a couple of ideas - hope your problem gets better.

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