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03/23/02 07:34 PM
Ebay Motors categories  

As everyone knows it is vital to get your items into the right categories. I sell mosty marine engine and boat parts. As of late Ebay has moved all those categories to the Ebay Motors categories. As AW2000 does not support those categories does anyone know a way around this? I have allready tried posting to another category and then changing after posting but no dice. Ebay won't let you select ebay motors when you go to change it.

Anyone have any Ideas?

03/26/02 03:38 AM
Re: Ebay Motors categories new [re: Badger]  

I have the same problem with aviation related items. I list my software in various categories and half of them go into the aviation side. Ebay motors has screwed me up too. The only thing I have been able to do is create a nice looking ad with AW2K and copy the HTML to the new manually created ad in eBay Motors listings. It takes longer but once you have them listed there once, relisting (one at a time) doesn't take that long. I have emailed Thom about including eBay Motors in AW2K. We need to get up a petition to let him know how many of us need it.

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