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11/06/06 02:16 PM
The AW catch phrase - invisible now  

I just can't stop talking about this, can I? Well, this is a twist on the same theme, namely eBay's incomprehensible search protocol.

We used to be able to run a Title and Description search on the phrase AW places (with our permission) at the bottom of our auctions . Here's the phrase:

Auction Wizard 2000 - The Complete Auction Management Software Solution

I would run this search to find, if not all, at least most, of the auctions listed by my fellow AWers. And I could also tell buyers who expressed concern over not going through the usual eBay Check-Out process (I've got one of them right now -- she's afraid the invoice I sent is some kind of spammer's trick -- sheesh!) that there were x-number of thousands of auctions on eBay which were created by the same program I use -- safety in numbers.

A n y w a y.........can't do this any more. Searching on all or any part of that catch phrase turns up zero results. Sucks, huh?


P.S. By the way, how do I get that catch phrase back? I removed it cuz eBay tech support said it wasn't allowed in Store listings -- I don't care anymore -- I want it back.

11/06/06 03:31 PM
Re: The AW catch phrase - invisible now new [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


I don't have any idea why eBay tech support would tell you that third party recognition phrase isn't allowed. According to eBay rules, you are allowed to display third party credits on your listing template.

You can put it back on your listing template by going to the HTML template manager, Selecting the listing template you wish to display the Auction Wizard link on.

Choose File | Options | Show Auction Wizard 2000 link.

That'll do it for you.

I also experience difficulty with some buyers because I use a third party auction management software. My response, Auction Wizard is eBay compatable and approved. I also developed one of my store customized pages stating that I use a third party software to manage my auctions. For the most part, it has corrected the problem although we still get the odd balls.

I really think that eBay's search function just flat out isn't working because of the new code they just rolled out. I know that they have had a great deal of trouble with it and several things are messed up. I wish they would leave it alone when they Holiday shopping season is just beginning.


11/06/06 04:49 PM
Re: The AW catch phrase - invisible now new [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  

Hi Sue:
You're right eBay's search is broken, irrevokably messed up, trash, unadulterated poop. And they have the gall to tell us that their core business is their primary concern. Hurumph!

Now that the nasty part is over -- for some reason there are days when it is possible to search and actually get results. However, it isn't predictable. Ever since your last post (the witch incident) about searching I've gone on at least once a day and tried some random searches that should pull up at least one of my auctions and several others too. I've kept a list of what I've searched for and the search results. It appears from my non-scientific biased study that the SHORTER your search string is the more likely that you will get a hit. Even if you place something in quotes and you know it is going to be there, such as the aw2k string at the bottom of the page, threre is no predictability on success. So far the success rate for quoted searches has been awful. Only two were found out of 37. That is not a good record for any company's search let alone eBay's in house search engine. I should have gotten a bunch of hits each of the 37 times but didn't.

I don't wish to be a conspiracy theorist but it is as if eBay is forcing people to browse the auctions. Making them go to search and finding only a few "suggestions" those famous hits they show with a line drawn through words. That way those suggestions will be clicked on by a prosepective buyer and in some instances will end up finding something. But this isn't fair in any way shape or manner - the buyer is finding the item, A seller is making a sale, and eBay is getting their cut. The bad part of this equation is that every other eBay seller is not on equal footing in that search is just plain broken and eBay isn't attempting to fix it cause they are making sales through the suggestions.

Sorry, off my soap box now, but that is what I have been able to find out with my daily testing of search.

I saw where Judy gave you the directions to get the notation back at the bottom of your auctions. And I agree with Judy, there is no way they can make you take that off. Just think of all the auctiva, and turbolister and on and on and on. So just tell the eBay rep thanks and put what ever you feel you want at the bottom of your auction page.


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