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(stranger )
09/20/02 08:58 PM
Title & Sales Tax  

OK - I just downloaded the trial AW2000 build 81 and I'm stuck. I got my inventory, figured out the template, uploaded to ebay, and no matter what I do, the TITLE for ebay always comes out as Mr. - that is it. yet the title in my setup has the text that I would expect.

The second problem is that the sales tax in the shipping always says NY. I do not have any sales tax profiles checked anywhere, and on the upload screen, if I push the tax setup button, it lists "None" for the state.

Any suggestions on either of these?


(Auction Wizard Team)
09/23/02 09:16 AM
Re: Title & Sales Tax new [re: mdee01]  

Both of these problems will require troubleshooting. Please contact technical support directly at

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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