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(stranger )
03/07/08 01:52 AM
new ebay fees  

not a big deal, just curious why AW2K hasn't updated the fee changes - it's still showing a charge for gallery etc when you list the item. thank you, sharon

03/07/08 04:34 AM
Re: new ebay fees new [re: racicot]  

Hi Sharon,

Good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well!

The fees on the Lister window are showing the old fees. However, the new fees are what is stored. You can check the fees on the "Auction lots tab | Additional fields | Auction Fees"

I suspect it will be updated in a future program release.


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03/07/08 07:03 AM
Re: new ebay fees new [re: bluepennylady]  

I did contact Thom last week. He told me he was looking in to it. I am sure that he will have it right soon!

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