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(stranger )
12/19/02 01:52 PM
Having problems with the E-bay Relist item...  

I have some older items that i went to relist today, everytime i try to list my items, i get an error saying that item dosent exist anymore. How do i get around this. I guess its trying to use the ebay relist form and my items are too old to relist for credit, but how do i get it to just list them as new auctions?

(Auction Wizard Team)
12/19/02 02:15 PM
Re: Having problems with the E-bay Relist item... new [re: blottobag]  

eBay only maintains listing data for about 30 days after an auction ends. The Auction ID number field on the Auction Lots window must be blank for each Auction Lot you want to list (as a new auction). Delete any eBay Auction ID number contained in that field, then queue the Auction Lot(s) for listing as usual.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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