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(stranger )
07/06/08 06:31 AM
Pre-Sales Questions - Barcode, item specics, etc new  

Just downloaded the demo, looks quite in-depth and appears, initially, to have the majority of the functionality that I am needing. I do have some questions regarding certain features that I can seem to locate or implement.

Currently for inventory management our system has the ability to create bar coded labels for item locations that we place on the location. When inventory comes in we scan the bar code of the location then the bar code of the inventory pieces that are going to be placed there so it is easily found at the completion of the sale to be prepared for packing and shipping.

QUESTION: is this possible with AW2000? Or something close enough that it would work with pre-existing bar-coded locations. Any other suggestions on managing inventory locations using AW2000 would also be welcomed.

eBay Item Specifics - Currently with our inventory of media products we are able to scan in the bar code during the item specific listing process and pull from eBay's data to retrieve product information and stock photo.

QUESTION: Anyway to do this using AW2000? I did not see anywhere in the item specifics area of the AW2000 listing creation that I could enter the UPC or ISBN number to retrieve the info.

QUESTION: Is there any multi-user control in the system. I understand that you do have to buy a license for each station you install the software on, on a network but can you control what various users can access? I.E. so shipping personal do not see listing screens or employees do not have the ability to make changes to profiles or templates in place, etc.

Thanks in advance.

07/06/08 07:02 AM
Re: Pre-Sales Questions - Barcode, item specics, etc [re: rwallin]  



I didn't want you to think you were being ignored. I am off to church but as soon as services are over. I will be happy to assist you. And someone else might drop by this morning and offer their insight as well.



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07/06/08 11:25 AM
Re: Pre-Sales Questions - Barcode, item specics, etc new [re: rwallin]  


As far as bar codes go,, there are several ways to handle the bar codes.

Each time you create an Inventory item in AW2K, AW2000 automatically assigns a number to the Inventory Item, The numbers are in numeric sequence and cannot be edited.

You can use a CueCat or similar device to scan the existing bar codes into a User field on every Inventory item. Then should you need to "find" the item, set the Find Filters to that particular User field, scan the barcode and you will go to the correct Inventory Item.

We generate our own custom barcodes with Avery design pro using AW2K data. "4" is the leading number, then the Stock Inventory Item number and other values which are particular to that item. The custom UPC barcode is scanned into a user field so we can find the item quickly.

The Storage locations in AW2K are user created and defined. You can set them up any way you want because there isn't a entry in the Storage location. The first time you make an entry, Aw2K will ask if you want to add that to the Storage location list. so if you want to use barcode storage locations, you can just start scanning them in, AW2K will set up the STorage location in the list and from then on out, you can "find" using the Storage location filter...I hope that makes sense.

The Inventory management system in AW2K works extremely well. One of the reasons I chose AW2K. We have a huge inventory and needed an extensive Inventory system. AW2K fit the bill to a "T".

At the present time, AW2K does not support pre-filled ISBN or UPC retreival info. The suggestion has been made and I will pass your inquiry along to tech support on your behalf, that is if you like..

Multi user access,,,, I have a network.. 8 computers networked together all using AW2K simultaneously.

The "help" file provides some information about concurrency issues using AW2K in a network. You cannot restrict people from using certain features or tabs. But keep in mind, your eBay password is NOT stored in AW2K. You are the one that authorizes AW2K on eBay to list and update on your behalf. You staff cannot get into your eBay account at all. They can view a listing page from either the Auction lot or the Invoice Items. But it is the exact same page a buyer sees (which is quite handy dandy I might add)

Once an Auction profile is set up, there is no reason to get into it. And if you restrict training to specific areas, more than likely your staff will never mess with the Auction profile(s). There is no reason for them to. They cannot gain any private information, etc.

I can tell you it is much much better to arrange your staff into departments.

for example, I have staff who only take images and add Inventory items.
I have staff who only works in Invoices, taking care of shipping.
Staff who records payments and prints off packing slips.
Staff who takes care of queueing and listing auctions (which is currently me )

That way no one gets in anyone elses way.

For example.. my Inventory Items staff...
we will create Inventory Item numbers Let's say 1000 to 1050 for staffer #1
And 1051 to 2000 for Staffer #2.

Staffer #1 never ever moves outside of those particular numbers. There are no concurrency issues. no conflicts, nada. Every thing runs smooth as silk. And I can always tell who is working where, keep track of their production levels, accuracy etc.

I hope that helps just a bit. If not, let me know.I'll be happy to help you.


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07/06/08 11:46 AM
Re: Pre-Sales Questions - Barcode, item specics, etc new [re: rwallin]  


When I said my Inventory items staff never gets outside the numbers assigned to them,,, I meant they don't go hop, skipping and jumping around all over the place looking for where to enter in the next product they are working on.

Once they have used up their current block of "numbers". we create a new block of numbers for them. One person is in charge of creating new Inventory Numbers and assigning them to the other staff. And I get the list of who is working where on my desk each time new ones are created.

I hope that makes sense...


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