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01/12/03 06:45 PM
Burned by eBay/SAB  

I have long used Seller Assistant basic, before eBay purchased it, and now come to find they are discontinuing it this spring. I know this is going to sound like a stupid question, but now that eBay is learning Business 101 from Microsoft, how long will it be before eBay purchases Auction Wizard just to put it out of business...? I don't want to spend $75 just to find this program will end up being another casualty. I do plan on downloading the program and giving it a shot tho... I'm fed up with eBay's underhanded tactics.

01/12/03 08:00 PM
Re: Burned by eBay/SAB new [re: gwpom]  

I'm also a refugee from the eBay/Blackthorne debacle. Over at Jacki's AW Boaed we have gone 'round on this subject a couple of times. The pending price changes for AW have brought the issue forward again. Check out some of the past discussion at:

03/01/03 10:36 PM
Re: Burned by eBay/SAB new [re: Anonymous]  

I just deleted SAB from my PC too. THEY SUCK!!! They will never get money from me again because their attitude of no support and and 'improving' their software which causes it to not work anymore is plain and simple theft as far as I'm concerned.

(stranger )
03/03/03 11:59 AM
Re: Burned by eBay/SAB new [re: Anonymous]  

All this sounds familiar. Bought the Blackthorne product about three years ago and there was no indication of reoccuring fees. Two months later I learned I had to pay $5.00 a month to keep it alive. No amount of talking would change anyone's mind. That was a major consideration before I bought AW2K. At least us folks that bought before the fee deadline, hopefully, are safe.

I'm still burning about that Blackthorne trick.

Jim, The Radio Shoppe

03/16/03 07:38 AM
Re: Burned by eBay/SAB new [re: Theradioshoppe]  

Well, my idea is to talk loud and hard whenever possible about your views on AW2000 vs. SAWhatever (my beef was with paying monthly to beta test SAPro for Blackthorne) so we can make the AW2000 team rich enough to never consider doing anything different.

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