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(stranger )
07/08/03 07:17 AM
Updating store listings  

There are times that we want to either update our look and feel, add a special link or otherwise update our auctions. For example we have recently changed where our pictures are hosted. We are getting ready to change our preferred shipping partner so all the shipping and insurance rates will be wrong.

For auction items this is no big deal. At least every 10 days every auction gets re-listed so I can make my changes in Auction Wizard and they will get propegated to the auctions when re-listed. The problem comes with store items which are listed at a minimum of 120 days and usually good until cancelled.

It is a ROYAL PAIN to go into every item on eBay and edit the html, even when it is just a select all, then cut and paste the new code. It takes a very long time to update over 400 items in that fashion. I WOULD LOVE to see an update auction lot feature added to AW2K. I realize it would require some API programming on your end but if you could provide a new status "UPDATE LOT DATA" or something similar I could make all my changes in AW2K and propegate them to my store while I go get some coffee. (As opposed to thousands of clicks involved in finding items on eBay and updating the appropriate fields.)

Don't make me beg :)

(Auction Wizard Team)
07/17/03 02:58 PM
Re: Updating store listings new [re: new2you]  

Auction Wizard 2000 cannot update an item after it is listed. This is on our suggestion list, but we do not have a timeframe for when it might be implemented.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
07/17/03 07:28 PM
Re: Updating store listings new [re: AuctionWizard]  

This is the exact answer you give to every single request I have seen. Do you hire somebody specifically to cut and paste this response into every suggestion?

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