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(stranger )
11/18/03 09:40 AM
Store Categories  

I am trying to set up an ebay store, but am a little confused on the Auction lots window. First would you use that to list your items to the your store inventory? I assumed you did it just like you were listing for a regular auction , but you select ebay store under auction profile instead of ebay, right? If this is what you do then my question is I have made my own categories for my store, so do I just type them in the Category field or how do I assign them to my auction when it really is not an auction it is a store item.


(Auction Wizard Team)
11/19/03 08:46 AM
Re: Store Categories new [re: webwolf]  

You need to create another Auction Profile (File | Auction Profiles... on the menu bar) for your eBay Stores listings. The new profile can be identical to your eBay Auction Profile, but you must select "eBay Stores" from the Auction Site drop down list.

When you create Auction Lots, select the Auction Profile that the lot will belong to from the Auction Profile drop down list on the "Add Auction Lot" dialog box. The profile you select determines the auction site on which the lot will be listed ("eBay" profile for auctions, "eBay Stores" profile for store listings).

You can select the Store Category for each of your Auction Lots on the "Additional Fields" tab on the Auction Lots window. The Store Category applies to both eBay and eBay Store listings when you have an eBay Store. You can edit the Store Category list to match your store categories on eBay by selecting Record | Edit Store Categories... from the menu bar.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

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