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04/02/06 03:01 PM
Who knew? (not me!)  

I thought that Store Lots would be placed in my newly configured subcategories after a Store Category Import. Didn't happen. Did I do something wrong?

Fortunately, I redid only my Nonfiction Books Category -- only about 20 listings. After doing the obligatory move to the Other Category, I added twelve subcategories (called Level 2 Categories, I think). Then I revised each one at eBay, moving them to the proper subcategories (and waited a bit till I saw the results take effect). Lastly, I ran the AW Import Store Categories function. The Import worked fine -- categories are all listed in the drop-down box -- but I had to scroll through all 300 Store Lots to locate the ones with a blank category field (the nonfiction books) and then select its new category.

Is this what everyone else is having to do? If I had waited longer before running the Import, would the Lots have been placed in their subcategories automatically?


(stranger )
04/29/06 07:03 PM
Re: Who knew? (not me!) new [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


I think I follow what you are wondering about. The Sub-categories you created at eBay did not show up in Aw2000 2nd Store Category fields after you imported the newly created Categories?

Mine didn't either. But I went to Grid View, used the Shift key and my mouse to select contingous Auction lots, right clicked and added the appropriate 2nd Store category. I think that is what you are doing as well?

I guess I didn't have a problem as I just about have my Store categories memorized :o)


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