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11/01/06 07:21 AM
Re: Enabling Store Snipes new [re: AquilaStamps]  


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People don't understand that it is a lot different than a bricks and moartar store

I agree, Many people do not understand on either side of the fence. Many retailers do not understand they have fixed costs set in place already complete with staff that tends to lean their tails against the counter when there appears to be nothing to do. And if the retailer is going to have to mark down product to 75% or more off for end of season sales, if they would try it, they would find most often Auctions yield a better return than the clearance bin does. But I hear the same responses at every single conference or speaking engagement. "I don't have the time. It won't make money, I don't, I don't, I don't." Just eliminating shrinkage due to theft and package defamement alone recovers enough revenue to sell some product at a slightly reduced price online and still make more money than letting the product sit on the shelf.

The point I make to retailers when I speak at conferences, etc is if the retailer was to sell, say, even 25% of all the goods sitting inside their store every single day of the week, they would be so busy they couldn't keep up. But the truth is, retailers do not sell, for the most part, that high of a percentage of the available product sitting on the shelf. So the revenue generate per square foot is often fairly low. Especially when you compare it to what can be generated online.

The new comers to the Auctions world, never take into account the cost of equipment, fees, whether it be listing, Paypal or Final Value fees, not to mention all the incidentals that come up. Nor do they consider you must advertise or market your auctions. And there isn't a magic wand to wave over doing descriptions and images. It is work just like anything else. Auctions, done correctly, is a business endeavor. In order to be successful, must be treated as such.

Okay, I'll get off the soap box and lecture podeum Can you tell I am in college classes right now?


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