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06/15/02 06:40 PM

I am having trouble updating lots I have on playerauctions, keeps coming back with private auctions not supported. My auctions are not private and would very much like to download information on them. Think you guys could keep up with changes the auction sites introduce or what? I did pay you $75.00 for this program.

(Auction Wizard Team)
06/17/02 11:22 AM
Re: Help new [re: Anonymous]  

Player Auctions removed information from their website that Auction Wizard 2000 needs in order to update your auctions. Player Auctions is aware that their changes have created a problem for Auction Wizard 2000 users. When they restore the information to their website we will release an update to fix the problem. There isn't anything we can do until Player Auctions returns the needed information to their website.

-- The Auction Wizard Team

(stranger )
06/17/02 03:58 PM
Re: Help new [re: Anonymous]  

Hello there,

I also found out the hard way that some of these new changes affected me because I use AW2K. I do not think I can put 100% of the blame on AW2K. I am quite upset with Player Auctions. It was on the Player Auctions site that I saw an add for AW2K. I find it funny that a business that advertises a program for use with their site does not take into account any of their changes and their impact on customers. Because of these actions I am not able to use AW2K at all - and I depend on it to make a living. Either they do not care about the people that use AW2K, or their communication is very poor with the people at AW2k. In either case I am a very disatisfied customer with Player Auctions for promoting a program and then not backing it up. To leave me hanging like this is poor business. As far as AW2K's side of this matter... I think they should have better communications with their customers and at least let us know when something like this is going to happen. I can't imagine that AW2K and Player Auctions programmers do not communicate with each other.

To sum this up, in the future please try to keep your customers informed before a disaster like this occurs. If I am somewhat prepared by being informed, I wont be so upset when it happens.

Just a thought or two.


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