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(stranger )
02/28/03 00:18 AM
background images new  

Does Yahoo accept background images with AW2k? I used a template that I created for ebay through AW2k, and made some minor changes and used the "save as" option to create a new template for Yahoo, but my background image did not show up in Yahoo, but it did show up in preview mode. Also I can't get "marquee" html to work in Yahoo. Help!!!

02/28/03 10:41 AM
Re: background images [re: bigbargains4u]  

Actually, Yahoo strips out a LOT of html and all Java script. I finally got an auction to list properly with AW2K.

I use several tables within the main bordered table - and Yahoo just made a mess of the whole thing. I finally just made a stripped down template without any tables, and the most basic of html commands (simple things like <center> instead of <p align=center> made a difference).

Can't really blame AW2K for this one....Yahoo made just as much a mess of my cut/paste html auctions.

I just started my first Yahoo auctions this morning. It's cheap...but I got a feeling all the trouble won't be worth it. Ebay rulz...


(stranger )
02/28/03 10:59 AM
Re: background images new [re: Tradeguy]  

I was able to get a table to work in Yahoo, but not the other that I had mentioned, and I also got <p align=left> to work, but thanks for the info.

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