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06/13/04 01:43 PM
Can't list new  

I haven't listed on Yahoo in some time and now find that I can't get anything on using aw2k. The errors I get have to do with DirectPay and shipping. Even with DP disabled I am getting the same error message.

When I list directly through them, it's no problem. Goes right through.

Any ideas?

06/14/04 04:38 PM
Re: Can't list [re: Anonymous]  

I listed about 300 yahoo auctions just the other week during their free listing day. I hadn't listed in a long time either...but it worked. ( only generated one sale..but that's another story...)

06/14/04 04:42 PM
Re: Can't list new [re: Tradeguy]  

Thanks, Thom got it fixed for me :)

1 out of 300, I had really hoped things had picked up over there. Just don't understand it myself.

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