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12/12/02 10:20 PM
MoonFire_Web Designs  

Hello Everyone!
I just started to use Auction Wizard 2000 about 3 months ago and I love it. After doing a lot research on all Auction software this is the BEST and the price is right.
Please look at my Auctions that I have done with Auction Wizard 2000!
Thank you,

12/13/02 09:41 PM
Re: MoonFire_Web Designs new [re: MoonFire_Web]  

Heh a link to your auctions would assist us in checking them out :)

12/27/02 10:20 PM
Re: MoonFire_Web Designs new [re: MoonFire_Web]  

Opps I forgot to put the link to my Auction site to MoonFire_Web Designs.
Here it is:
Just copy and paste the link into your address bar then click "go".">Moonfire_Web


(stranger )
06/25/03 04:52 PM
Re: MoonFire_Web Designs new [re: MoonFire_Web]  

absolutely gorgeous jewelry! Where are you in the Sierra Nevadas? I lived in Grass Valley, off Hwy 49 for several years and explored alot.

Marie K. Ritzel
Ebay - theunconventionalangellady

09/18/04 01:12 AM
Re: MoonFire_Web Designs new [re: unconventional]  

Hello Marie and thank you for your compliement! Sorry I've haven't seen you post earlier. I haven't check this thread for about a year. Baaaad! I think I drop in once in awhile to check it now. I live in Grass Valley too! Off of 49 in between Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines. Maybe you live close by ! LOL. Drop me line by going to my auction. And get my current email address! Take care! Christina

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