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06/28/06 09:27 PM

I know this is probably a foolish question - it's about counters. I'm not really sure if counters are necessary on auction pages; however, they do help me in deciding pricing on a relist. If the count was high and no bids then I've done something wrong. I currently use the Andale free counters that result in an occasional, sometimes, maybe, sorta almost having a counter on the auction page. Not casting stones here just reporting on the very occasional way that the counters are posted. Now that eBay is no longer in agreement with Andale for counters I started checking around. The current agreement ends at the end of June 2005. Well, surprise surprise, surprise Sgt. Carter - eBay has its own counter system. Hmmm, wonder why they closed the relationship with Andale? So I next checked my Andale page and find that I now need to sign yet another agreement with them so that they can automaticaly attach a counter to my page. The EULA that Andale has you agree to is close to the scarey range. It appears as if they will data mine as they put up counters. So now down to my question. How do I, in AW2000, elect to use the eBay counters? In AW2000 on the additional options tab to the right of the List Auction page there is a check box for Counters. However, the choices are only - Andale, Green LED, and Hidden. Anyone have any suggestions? I suppose I could go into each and every auction page and revise it - but that's not gonna happen anytime real soon. Will it take Thom and his team to make that change in AW2000? Or do I just forget it altogether? What do the rest of you do about counters? Are they useful to you? Or are they just something that clutters up the auction page? Thanks for the help. Maybe we can get a consensus on counters. Garry - AquilaStamps

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