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06/11/09 11:16 AM
Re: Contacting buyers [re: bluepennylady]  

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first let me say, this is not specific to AW2000. It is happening to anyone who is using a third party tool to manage their auctions. When I poke around other software forums, it is a chronic issue.

Yes, I know that's the case. Didn't mean to single out AW; just wondering how others deal with this annoyance.

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Secondly, we have discovered since we are submitting feedback as soon as the shipipng notices are sent out that far more buyers are receiving the emails from us than we knew were. It is amazing. They dont say a word. Never respond or even grunt. But they leave "Excellent communication" feedback comments.

I guess you are referring to the buyers who figure out how much to pay on their own. Yes, fortunately there are lots of those. At your suggestion (a bunch of months ago), I no longer make a point of sending invoices right away. I wait a few hours, then print them for my records, but send only those that haven't been paid already. I'd say around 80% of my buyers pay almost immediately. The rest wait politely/ignorantly/timidly for an invoice, and if it doesn't come from eBay, they don't see it.

For any newbies reading this, it should be mentioned that in AW, there are Invoices and there are invoices....... When our Lots are updated, the program generates Invoices as a record of the transaction. When we contact the buyer with payment information, we send an invoice (small letter i) based on an email template we've created.

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We eliminated just about 99% of the problem by putting in a hyperlink that opens an email client in our template. It says, Have questions, email me. Or something like that.

I've had an email link in all my listing templates as far back as I can remember. It's at the top of every description, and it amazes me that eBay still allows it. However, almost no eBay shopper uses it -- they all just click the "Ask a Question" link. Weird.

I don't see how this helps eliminate the problem of people waiting for the standard eBay invoice to arrive. I don't think this is an issue of their not knowing how to contact us; I think they are just blocking mail from all unknown sources. Their email settings just send mail from "strangers" to a spam folder. I've told buyers to check their spam folders, and some of them reply that, yes, indeed, the invoice was there. Unless the email says "You won this item on eBay," it will be shuffled off to Buffalo. The subject headings of my invoices are like this: "(1234) eBay #110398499999 Vintage Thing You Must Own." Unless I put the invoice number first, it'll get cut off. So Judy, do your invoices have a subject line more like the eBay-generated invoices? Do you include the invoice number in the subject line?

What is your procedure if a buyer sends multiple requests for the total due and is obviously not getting/seeing/opening your email?


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