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11/02/06 05:58 PM
Re: Title Change? [re: bluepennylady]  

I know what you mean about so much to do in this life. I sometimes have so many projects going that I often wonder if I add another will the whole house of cards come tumbling down. But that is the only way that I can get so many things done - one at a time just won't work. I guess it is similar to the pressure of studying the night before the "Big Test". LOL

It seems that working on projects is useful to me for those nights that I just can't sleep. Rather than watching the 5,000th rerun of Gilligan's Island or being chided into ordering Ron Popiel's lastest gadget - I work on a project. It's surprising how much can get done when it is dead quiet at night.

I'll bet that if anyone asks your husband - all of your speed of light activity is exactly what makes You you.


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