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01/18/13 10:44 AM
Re: FTP Picture [re: bluepennylady]  

Hi Judy,

OMG! You are so right, this is a really big deal to have this option added for our Auction Wizard!

In my listings, I had just the one gallery image and the remainder above my description but I was getting inquiries asking if I had other pictures.

Lol, since I use a plain old-fashioned cell, it took me awhile to understand that people using mobile devices weren't realizing there were other images further down.

In order to accommodate them, I was have to go into ebay after listing the auctions and manually add the images to the gallery...what a job!

I am LOVING this AW2000 enhancement!

Just one question, if you know the answer: I do have my images at ebay's required 570 pixels and when I manually upload them, the mouse-over box in the gallery opens to show my nice big images. But when AW2000 uploads them, that feature isn't working.

I suspect I am doing something wrong and I'd bet the farm you know what it is ;)

Can you help? And, of course, my usual sincere thanks for your time and knowledge.


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