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01/31/13 06:30 AM
Re: FTP Picture [re: bluepennylady]  

Hi Judy!

Been awhile...just wanted you to know that the last update was VERY cool, and I might have some info for Thom on this "zoom-within-llsting" thing.

There are 2 display options that confused me until I experimented this morning. One is the "gallery plus" feature which is free in some categories, and creates the "zoom" function in search results. But the hidden feature is the "picture pack" which is free for store owners.

It's the picture pack "toggle" that gives you the in-listing zoom, and it will work with both self-hosted or ebay hosted listings. However, the toggle for the picture pack ONLY appears on the screen where you would upload pics for ebay hosting. Thats the toggle Thom needs to hit to get the zoom feature on all of the ebay hosted pics.

Another couple of things I noticed and didn't know before (mostly cause I've used AW2K exclusively for all my uploads for years) is that you can only have one self-hosted pic - and it seems to automatically use the "picture pack" in-listing zoom option without any toggle. But if you use ebay-hosted pics, you have to use the toggle or none of the pics get the in-listing zoom. The toggle affects all the pics too - so if you have the picture pic for 5 pics, and then later add a 6th pic but don't use the toggle, it will turn the zoom off for all the pics.

So I thought, could I add a pic after the AW2K upload, turn on the picture pack, and then get the in-listing zoom for all the other pics? Strangely, the answer is no. It looks like it's going to do it, the preview shows it's going to do it, but the end result is that all the pics lack the in-listing zoom.

No idea if this give Thom any it's just an FYI.

Fortunately, most of my listing use a single pic, which I can self-host, and get the detailed in-listing zoom. For the mult-pic listings, I am manually deleting, then re-uploading all the pics with the picture-pack turned on, if I feel the in-listing zoom is important.

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