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10/03/04 10:17 AM
Re: eBay Login Failed [re: hiflyerws]  

hiflyers, I put a response on the 'other' site. But here is what I suggested. Beacuse the invoicing and emails have nothing to do with eBAy. Double check your settings for AW under "file". Also do a backup of AW and a database rebuild.
I ain't guaranteeing nothing, but it's what I have to offer.
You might also try logging into eBay, in eBay directly and than try an update or listing. That's what we use to have to do when doing a manual listing within AW. The login problem is part of eBays "new and improved" sign in procedure, I think. And do you think eBay cares if this is knocking third party programs down, I don't think so. And yet if we can't list, they're not getting our money. And you know that is what matters the most to them.

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