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05/06/07 06:27 PM
Yahoo Auctions Closing Down  

Hi Everyone:

Today Yahoo announced they will be stopping auctions in The U.S. and Canada. I'm not sure how many AW2K'ers do Yahoo but it is important to realize that this will have some impact on eBay. I know several people that post to both eBay and Yahoo. Their plans all seem to be to let Yahoo run its course and then move everything over to their eBay listings. A few want to open eBay stores but the majority have expressed their need to bulk up their eBay listings.

If anyone is doing well in a particular eBay category or is considering adding one of the eBay categories to their listings it is a good idea to check out what's happening on Yahoo. It is worth the time to check out Yahoo auctions just to see who is still selling there and who they are and what their categories are. Maybe those of us mostly on eBay can do something with our listings to help spark them up - anything to help make them stand out from the crowd of Yahoo users coming in soon.

We are all lucky to be using AW2K. With some tweaking with template manager we have the ability to make our auctions and store items a bit more noticable from others. At one time I was able to sell quite a bit of stuff on Yahoo and use the AW2K templates but then Yahoo started slowing down so haven't posted there in a while.

Anyway, this is just a heads up as I think it may have some impact on those selling on eBay. Good luck with all your listings and may the bidders flock to your super auctions.


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