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05/31/07 12:35 PM
Re: Markdown Manager [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


It doesn't matter what Start/BIN price you use to list your Store auction lots. What it sells at is what stores in the Invoices and the Sale price field on the Auction lot tab.

So if I list a $19.99 shirt and then have a 75% off sale, when the shirt sells, $5.00 is what appears on the Invoice as well as the "Sale Price" field on the Auction lot.

I understand completely. I have the same problem here in my B&M store. For the regular retailer, online sales are just a no brainer. Since we already have the fixed expenses, etc, going online does nothing but broaden the customer base and generate more revenue. Not to mention getting rid of inventory. Especially here where I am---population 3500.

And it sure teachs the customers a lesson too. If something doesn't sell here, I take it off the retail floor, put it in AW2000 and list that dude. Then my customers wonder why the 75 to 90% off racks are not as big as they use to be. Why should I give stuff away when I can put it online and someone will buy it. Plus, some stinker doesn't steal it or tear up the package and then want a discount because the package is defaced.

Can you tell it has been a long retail week


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