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02/17/18 11:04 PM
uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: [re: ]  

Last week after starting auction wizard when I attempted to update online auction lots I got an API error, I backed up then rebuilt database, all has been fine up till now, the error appears again! Only this time it doesnt go away? No matter hoe I attempt to update auction listings, ie all lots, by profile or indivigual lot it will not work. Below is the error that comes up:

uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: Your application has exceeded usage limit on this call, please make call to GetAPIAccessRules to check your call usage.

Al Parker

06/17/18 08:55 PM
Re: uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: new [re: diggerdirect]  

I've been having the same issue for quite awhile, but it's usually later at night up unto early morning hours & then it's working again by the time I wake up. It's been a full 24 hours now the error is showing up and I've tried the same things you mentioned with no luck.

Did you ever figure out what was happening or how to fix the error?

(stranger )
09/25/18 10:50 PM
Re: uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: new [re: Razz]  

The over API call limit continues to appear. It prevents me from getting a head start on doing shipments for early the next day.

This was fixed at one time by limiting member usage, but that is no longer adequate. I've used Auction Wizard since before the AW2000 version came along, and added a 2nd copy in 2005, so I've had my money's worth.

I'd like to think that there is a fix coming.

11/06/18 05:56 PM
Re: uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: new [re: scalesusa]  

This has happened to me in the past and, in fact, had the issue for the last couple of weeks. Then a few days ago, it cleared up.

I had this discussion awhile back with other users and it is my understanding that it isn't AW2000, it is an ebay issue. Not sure, however, what causes it.

This link doesn't solve the problem but gives a "sort of" explanation of what is happening with it.

My experience is that about 7-8 p.m. PDT it start but ends at midnight.

(stranger )
11/06/18 08:27 PM
Re: uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: new [re: onlynancydrew]  

Yes, its happened before. Its not a ebay problem, but a issue where AW has apparently not been able to meet ebay's requirements to increase the number of calls. It may be such a expensive software programming job that its not worth the trouble, we don't know.

The basic issue is that we share one ebay call channel, and collectively have too much activity. Previously, the fix was to restrict users to one update every 15 minutes. That held the numbers down, but they have apparently crept up again. I do not know why Auction Wizard does not meet the ebay requirements to increase the call limits, but something needs to be done as its getting worse. I only update when I have a sale, or when I list something, maybe 2-3 times a week, so I'm definitely not giving it high usage.

11/07/18 00:30 AM
Re: uPDATE fAILED: API Error Code 518: new [re: scalesusa]  

Aha! Thank you for that explanation, scalesusa...much clearer to me now.

I do update frequently but given this explanation, I will do my part to keep the numbers down :) I am guessing those call numbers must renew daily as it seems to fail early evening but is fine after midnight.

The reason I assumed it was an ebay error is this post:

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