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(stranger )
03/23/11 10:31 AM

Thught I would just check in and say hi to everyone as my prior introduction was started with questions. I have been very pleased with the response from the board and Thom directly when needed.
We are currently running AW2000 on 6 workstations and have seemingly got most of the beginning jitters over with. We sell used Corvette parts and currently have over a thousand parts listed and are on our way to 10,000 as a goal. Our current challange is setting up a store on our own website that mirrors the eBay store. If any of you have any experience with setting up stores that will allow you a direct upload including catagories I would appriciate that information. We are currently trying to work with Vendio but can't seem to make it use the same catagories as eBay and get all the parts allocated correctly. Oh well just another day at the office I guess. I hope that we can be a contributor as time goes on.

The only easy day was yesterday!!

(Carpal Tunnel)
03/23/11 10:44 AM
Re: Intro new [re: bigcitycorvettes]  


It is really nice to meet you! Even though we have already met

We run in a network too and all runs along smoothly..

Good luck with the webstore. That is totally exciting!

Judy Oglesby

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