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M.J. Christensen
08/25/04 12:33 PM
Unable to list lots.  


I know that you have had to do some updates in the last couple of days due to eBay changing the way they do things (again!) However, I am still unable to list lots on eBay stores. I have not attempted to list anything on auction on eBay yet today (will get to this soon!), but whenever I try to list in the store, it gives me an error page on "Review and Submit" that is titled "Sell Your ItemPage Not Found".

Anyone else having this problem?

I am using AW2K 2.2 BETA, Build 207, Update Level 858.


M.J. Christensen

08/25/04 01:41 PM
Re: Unable to list lots. new [re: M.J. Christensen]  

I had one of those last night. I'm a beta lab rat too.
AFter reviewing the auction lot, I noticed I had either forgot to put in a category or it disappeared.
After I put in a category it went just fine.
Not that that is your problem, but sometimes the obvious gets by the trained eye.

M.J. Christensen
08/25/04 02:39 PM
Re: Unable to list lots. new [re: rodgw]  

Well, I don't know what the problem was, probably an eBay issue, but I am now able to list store items just fine.


M.J. Christensen

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