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08/17/07 01:44 PM
Re: WEBSITE [re: auctions1329]  


No worries. The first time I looked at the "Configure websites" I cocked my head and said "HuH?" I don't mind explaining at all. And if I lose you or don't make sense, tell me and I'll try to do better.

I'm online right now, so I can get back to you pretty quick

First, are you listing auctions with AW2000 yet?

If so, here is how it works,
Create an Auction lot,
On the menu, go to Auction Site | Queue Lot for Listing
The next dialog box which appears is what has the options for which website you want it to go to.

Now here is where everyone get confused. When AW2000 uses the term "website" it is referring to thumbnail pages. Those thumbnail pages are what AW2000 uploads to your own company or personal website. AW2000 does not upload an entire website.

Since you looked at my website, I will use it for an example. I built my website in FrontPage. And uploaded it. All the navigation buttons and text you see was built in FrontPage.

But when you click one of those hyperlinks like "Boyds Bears" on the Collectibles page, and you go to a bunch of thumbnails, it is the thumbnail page which AW2000 uploaded.

So when I built my "Collectibles" page in FrontPage, I added the hyperlink "Boyds Bears" I got the URL from AW2000 when I configured the AW2000 configured website " Boyds Bears".

You do not use a Listing template for the AW2000 configured website. You use one of the Website thumbnail page templates. I just picked one, duplicated it, and then started editing so it matched the rest of my website. Color, font, background images.

Before I go on, Does that help a bit? If not, tell me where I lost you and I will try again.


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