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08/22/07 07:07 AM
Re: WEBSITE [re: mouse]  


Opinions on submitting feedback is as varied as people's personalities

Me, I watch my feedback page, everyday, I go through the feedback submitted, and record the Invoice number (it is real fancy ledger ,,,,a spiral notebook :o) Once a week, I submit feedback for those who have submitted it for me and for those who have notified me they have their item. I have reasons for the manner in which I leave feedback. Other sellers leave feedback as soon as the buyer pays.

As far as the Closed Invoices, Just leave them there. When you database gets large. Or at the end of a quarter, semi yearly or every year, whatever works for you, you can archive those records away. I think you may find keeping the Closed Invoices around for a while can be real helpful.

You want to turn buyers into customers. Customers who will return to you outside of the auction venue to purchase items for you. So picture this scenario, a buyer from two months ago emails and wants another of that really neat blue tankini she won because her sweet hubby is taking her away on a cruise for their anniversary. Do you have another one?

You can pull up her old Closed Invoice which contains all the last transaction details including what she won. It makes a huge impression on a buyer that you can recall exactly what they won, remember their name, address as well as can create an Invoice for them. That buyer just became a customer :o) And a customer is more likely to bring their friends and family with them when they shop. Especially if you ask them to "bring your friends with you next time, I would love to meet them as well"

Many users get rid of their "Sold and Shipped" Auction lots as well as the "Closed" Invoices. I keep mine as long as possible just so I will have those records on hand if needed. Archive records can be restored. The Purge and Archive Utility handles restoring an archive.

Does that help?


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