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01/19/08 02:05 AM
Re: Woe is me...... [re: tictictic_OnEbay]  


Bless your heart... I am so sorry.

Instead of using the disk image, try just restoring your AW2000 database from the external backup you used. You can use "Restore database" and select just the database from your external hard drive backup. Be sure you use your most current backup

Rebuild your database after your restore just to be sure you don't have corrupted tables anywhere.

About the one auction that shows as unsold on eBay, did the buyer's transaction get cancelled by eBay? That would change how it appears. I have had that happen before. Actually just today. eBay cancelled the bid of a buyer on one of my auctions. Administrative cancellation. And it changed the status of the auction lot.

The two invoices "Waiting for payment" that should be closed, did you check your Ledger to see if the payments are recorded? And the two other invoices that should be "Waiting for payment" are those two invoices actually there in the Invoices? Or are they AWOL? If they are, are the related auction lots status' online or "Sold not Shipped"?

Are all your Auction lot status' correct and you have the correct number? Have you tried updating the Auction lots. And your Listing templates as well as Email templates are all fine??

Regardless of whether a restore works or not, contacting Thom is a good idea. Even though it is the weekend, ..

Let me know what happens.. and if you try the restore how that goes.


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