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01/19/08 11:48 AM
Re: Woe is me...... [re: bluepennylady]  

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Instead of using the disk image, try just restoring your AW2000 database from the external backup you used.

That's what I did use. Karen's Replicator (free program; just makes copies of everything) has a problem with long file names and just skips them, I think.

With the copies pasted into the AW folder on the new hard drive, it seems like a whole bunch of invoice numbers have gone missing, so for example, a recent invoice numbered 3570 is now numbered 3448 (have buyer's info & sale price, but Status is Not Contacted, and the email I sent is missing, no shipping info, so it's as if the Lot just got updated).

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You can use "Restore database" and select just the database from your external hard drive backup. Be sure you use your most current backup

Ok, I'll try that. Can I do it "on top of" the restore I've already attempted?

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Rebuild your database after your restore just to be sure you don't have corrupted tables anywhere.

I didn't do a Rebuild. I was afraid with so much missing, it would mess things up further, but I guess it wouldn't matter. The backup files won't change, so I could just start over, so to speak.

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About the one auction that shows as unsold on eBay, did the buyer's transaction get cancelled by eBay? That would change how it appears.

Either I'm losing my mind (very possible) or eBay had a glitch. I checked this auction again just now, and it did sell. I swear I was on that same page last night (it's for an old mag ad; saw the photo of the lady in her kitchen), and it said Sorry your item did not sell. Anyway, the Lot is Status Offline, but there is no Invoice for it, and it was updated over a week ago. My backup data is more recent than that, so I have no clue. I know I can generate a new invoice for it, but I'll wait till I figure out just what I'm going to do for the big picture.

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The two invoices "Waiting for payment" that should be closed, did you check your Ledger to see if the payments are recorded?

There are no payments recorded in the Ledger since October. Two of the three items were shipped in October. One thing was sent to England on Oct. 25th, but there is no record of that payment or the email confirming shipment. Just one example of many.

This is off-topic, but here's something that makes my stomach Excel spreadsheets are just as bad. When I open my shop inventory record, it's missing an entire year's worth of data. I have no idea how I'm going to do my taxes (let alone find numerous other financial and business records). Well, at least my entire house didn't burn down last October (we were supposed to evacuate -- San Diego fires -- but we stayed and were ok), so I guess I can't really complain about much.

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And the two other invoices that should be "Waiting for payment" are those two invoices actually there in the Invoices? Or are they AWOL? If they are, are the related auction lots status' online or "Sold not Shipped"?

Those two are there, but they have changed/new Invoice numbers (about 120 lower than original -- probably that means 120 Invoices are AWOL), and they show up only because I recreated them from the paper copies I'd made, and I did change the Lot Statuses. So they are currently correct, but I'm betting the "new" Invoice numbers rightfully belong to totally other transactions. Also one of the Store Lots (a multi-item transaction) is missing its photo and description. The other Invoice is Status Buyer not Contacted, but the buyer was contacted (no email record, but do have my print-out), and its Lot has the HTML description because, Yes, I did import auctions for the last 7 days. That item was shipped yesterday, but I haven't closed the Lot yet. Seem there's not much point in entering new data just yet.

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Are all your Auction lot status' correct and you have the correct number? Have you tried updating the Auction lots.

I can't check all the Store items, but I checked the Auction Lots. There are three items that have been shipped recently that show as Sold Not Shipped, but there are many, many items that have Status Online that were shipped months ago. Those are maybe the 120 AWOL Invoices -- ??

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And your Listing templates as well as Email templates are all fine??

Templates seem to be fine, as are Profiles and other settings.

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Regardless of whether a restore works or not, contacting Thom is a good idea. Even though it is the weekend, ..

Yeah, I'll compose some sort of entreaty to him. It's really hard to know where to begin. The tech guy that was here installed a program that allows him to remotely control my computer (have to enter two passwords for security). Wish Thom could do that.

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Let me know what happens.. and if you try the restore how that goes.

I will. Thanks again Judy.


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